Two steps to take before hiring a visual artist to design your business logo

The logo you use to advertise your business can play a significant role in how your enterprise is perceived by potential customers. As such, it's worth paying a professional visual artist (such as Cool Cartoons) to handle this task for you. Here are two steps you should take before you agree to hire a particular artist.

Examine their portfolio

The artist's portfolio will provide you with insight into their style, the quality and professionalism of their work, as well as their level of experience. As such, it's important to closely examine it prior to hiring them.

Ideally, their portfolio should demonstrate an ability to adapt their style according to the needs of each client; if there seems to be a strong visual similarity between each of the projects featured in their portfolio (for example, if the colour palettes or layouts are all very alike), then this could indicate the artist specialises in a specific area. If they don't have the style to meet what you want, you may want to go with a different professional. 

The contents of their portfolio should be quite current; if most of the projects in it are more than five years old, this could mean that the artist hasn't been working in recent years and, as a result, isn't familiar with the latest design and illustration technology, or industry trends. This, in turn, could result in them creating a rather dated-looking logo.

Provide them with information about your brand and your customer demographic

Whilst a talented visual artist should be able to bring your abstract ideas and vague concepts to life, you can make this process far easier for them (and for yourself) by providing them as many facts about your customer demographic and your brand as possible. The artist can then use this information to fine tune their design and ensure that it reflects the image you want your enterprise to have. If you fail to offer enough data from the outset, you will probably encounter problems after hiring them; you may find yourself asking the artist to revise their initial design several times before it meets your requirements.

For example, let's say that you are setting up a company which will be selling baby clothes. In this scenario, the target customer demographic would be mothers and fathers, and you would probably want your brand to be perceived as wholesome, approachable and dependable. Based on this information, your chosen artist might devise a cartoon logo, which features a friendly-looking character and a pastel colour palette which is in keeping with the wholesome image that you wish to project.

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The logo you use to advertise your business can play a significant role in how your enterprise is perceived by potential customers. As such, it's wort